What are the side effects of working with me on your bespoke launch plan?

Return on investment (ROI) is by far the most important consideration for any investment you make in your business. 

You want to know with certainty, or as close to it as possible, that the money you allocate to a new service or product is going to bring you all of the benefits you’re looking for. Will it solve the problem you’ve been having, or will it allow you to take the leap up to the next level that you can’t wait to reach? 

The ROI of an investment can be measured in many different ways. First and foremost, you can measure it by seeing how much extra income you generated for your business as a result of investing in the service or product. 

But on top of the financial outcomes, there can be so many softer returns that have an equally powerful impact on your business. I call these the ‘side effects’ of investing in help. 

If you’re wondering about how my service could help your business, this article is all about the ROI of investing in my bespoke launch planning programme, the Sustainable Launch Method.

Here’s a list of a few of the side effects you can expect from working with me on the launch of your new product or service.

You’ll know exactly who your ideal client is and where to find them

While working with me, we’ll dig really deep into who your ideal client is and how you can reach them. That includes understanding what they are looking for so that we can position your offer in a way that’s really attractive to them. 

It also means we’ll have a detailed list of all the different places your ideal client is likely to be spending their time online. So instead of constantly second-guessing yourself and wondering whether you’re spending time in the right groups or communities, you can get on with the important work of marketing the launch.

The open rates and click-through rates of your emails will skyrocket

When you understand who your ideal client is and what they’re looking for, it makes it much easier to create content that they’ll love. Together, we’ll create messaging that really resonates with the people you want to work with. Then, we’ll build succinct campaigns and email sequences that build on a theme and walk your audience through the transformation they can expect from working with you. 

As a result, your subscribers will want to open your emails straight away, and they’re much more likely to act on the Call to Action you’ve crafted for them. This side effect will also extend to your social media posts, because it’s all about writing in a way that really resonates with your audience.

No more crickets, just a really engaged, excited audience who can’t wait to hear from you.

Launch plans and marketing sequences will materialise before your eyes

When you first set up your business, there is so much to learn. You’re expected to be a marketing guru, with all the tricks up your sleeve to attract huge audiences to your launch even if you’ve never done any marketing before! Which hashtags should you be using? What should you be posting about and what types of posts will work best?


By working together, you’ll get to use my marketing head to look over everything you produce to help you feel sure that it’s hitting the mark. I’ll walk you through the processes you need to know to be able to use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn effectively and help you plan out your campaign from start to finish. 


You won’t have to muddle through on your own anymore – we can do it all together with a smile!

You’ll have total confidence that your launch will be a success

With all of this coming together, you’ll notice your worries disappear, replaced by excitement about all the things that now seem possible with your launch! 

Instead of second guessing your every move, you can focus on enjoying the process and, most importantly, helping your clients by doing the very thing you love doing!

Joy of knowing you are in control of your launch

Launch with confidence

If these side effects sound like the sort of thing you’re looking for in your business, why not get in touch to find out whether my service could be the right one for you?

To schedule a free discovery call, click here and choose a date and time that suits you. I can’t wait to speak to you!

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