How would it feel to have your next launch planned out and ready to go within 2 days? 

A Business Retreat where you plan your entire Launch and Chill at Champneys Spa. 2 Days to learn, create, mastermind and meet entrepreneurs like you.

Yes you heard that right! 

🚫 No more agonising for weeks on end whether you should do this or that.
🚫 No more procrastinating over what to do and when in your next launch.
🚫 And no more guessing what method of launch will be the most impactful for you.
I am on a mission to prove that launching doesn’t have to be stressful, AND you can also chill out once it’s all done. 

Join me for a 2 day Get it Done Business Retreat where you will map out your next launch, connect with like minded business owners and take time for self-care.

As business owners, it is too easy to get stuck in a rut of your day to day business and life demands.

These 2 days will allow you to pull yourself away from the daily grind and give your next launch the focus that it needs in the company of like minded entrepreneurs.

And because I know how it feels to be brimming with ideas, and having a killer strategy, but feel crippled by the lack of knowing HOW, I am pulling in a group of experts on day 2. 

Collaborative Business Retreat for women in business

They will walk you through messaging, lead magnet & funnel building, and sales to make sure not only your next launch strategy packs a punch, but you know exactly how to execute the entire process and convert those leads.

And once you have your very own launch strategy and plugged all those gaps that held you back in the past – it will be time to unwind and chill by the pool or in the spa. 

Literary no better place than the luxury of Champneys Spa Resort where you will Launch and Chill.


Launch Strategy with Raimonda Richardson

Day 1 - Launch Strategy Day

💎 getting crystal clear on your ideal client, so that you know where to find them

🌟 outlining the transformation of your course or group programme, so that you can draw those who really need your help, and

💖 defining your launch method and process, so that you can get super focused on what will get you the best results

💡 visibility tips without paid ads, so that you continue to grow at a pace you can sustain.

Day 2 - Fill the GAP Day

With Expert Sessions on:
🧲 lead magnet and funnel building, so that you can start growing your email list

💫 messaging so that your content becomes magnetic

💡 workshop mastery, so that your next launch workshop pulls in the right people and invites them to invest with you

💖 sales without the ick, so that you are armed with confidence and skills to convert the leads your efforts pull in.


~ Time to relax, reflect and connect with other like minded people

~ 1 night accommodation (sole occupancy)

~ Unrestricted access to spa facilities (optional treatments – extra charge)

~ Delicious food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 

Ready to build your very own bespoke launch in just 2 days?

WHEN: 1st & 2nd February 2024

WHERE: Champneys Spa, Henlow

Investment: £895 if booked before 1st December 2023 / £1,295 thereafter

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