How to make a powerful landing page for your course

Similarly to a physical event, virtual event still has a date, time and location of where it is happening. 

In fact, the only difference is that the attendees don’t need to leave their house or are unlikely to bump into someone they know while in the corridor waiting for the next keynote. 

So a powerful event sales page is paramount in helping to form your ideal client’s first impression and the event experience that they are likely to expect.  

The basics

The who: that would be you, the host. Who are you and why are you an authority on this topic? Alternatively, if you are an affiliate or sponsor of the event, why are you attending and/or encouraging others to register as well?

happy customer is a returning customer

The what: what is the event about? Conferences can be hyper-focused on a niche topic or they can be broad and come with loads of bells and whistles. Make sure you tell your audience what to expect.

The details: that’s the where and when. There is no need to get too specific at this point on the actual location (i.e. a Zoom link), but if it’s an online event, be sure to say that. 

The CTA: the event sales page will need to have several of these throughout. The event landing page has to pack a lot of information and users will be scrolling through it, so make sure they can navigate to a CTA to get their tickets at all times.

TIP: another huge requirement for your landing page is its shareability. When was the last time you booked concert tickets solo? Everyone wants to go to cool events with their friends. Make it easy for them.

The extras

Sold out: while it might be hard to sell out a virtual event, you can have a selection of tickets available at a particular price. Think early bird price for say the first 20 or limiting content depending on the ticket level chosen.

The Content: depending on the size of the event and how deep you would like to engage with your audience, consider answering typical attendee questions through dedicated areas that explain: ‘why attend’, ‘the schedule’ and the ‘FAQs’

Call to Action: create a unique footer for your event landing page which includes a very clear call to action, such as ‘get my tickets’. There, you can let your attendees add this event to their calendars right from the landing page or contact you directly.

Break it down: let your attendees know exactly what they’ll be getting if they book tickets for your conference or event.

Urgency: add some bold colours and countdown clocks, especially if you’re planning a price drop or hike. If not, you can tease urgency by saying “limited quantity left!”. 

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