The Sustainable Launch Method

Launching in a feel-good way and without the burnout

You’re ready to launch your course. You know you’ve got a killer transformation that genuinely impacts people in a powerful way. 

Problem is, where do you start, what should you do first and how do you ensure your marketing efforts get noticed?

I get why it feels overwhelming right now. There are dozens of marketing ‘gurus’ telling you – you need to be in all places all at once, yet they forget – you are not a marketer!

Following their advice, you’d think you need an entire team to launch your course with a copywriter, a social media manager and a VA all at once! 

But all you ACTUALLY need is a steer in the right direction every step of the way.  

So if you’ve got the drive and your course is ready to go. Then I’ve got the vision, the skills and the know-how to get it in front of the right audience. 

Enter the Sustainable Launch Programme...

This is my 8-week 1:1 coaching & mentoring experience that enables you to launch your course with confidence, making sure your audience notice and take action.

No more throwing the spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks tactics!

The Sustainable Launch Programme blends coaching and mentorship so that I can help you

a) get crystal clear on exactly how to engage your ideal client so they can’t wait to enrol, and then

b) guide and teach you on how to make it happen.

As a qualified marketing and events geek, I’ve totally got you covered with this programme.

Raimonda Richardson - Force 4 Events

How would it feel to have:

  • An organically growing audience list
  • Dream clients on the waiting list, ready to book onto your next course?
  • At least double your enrolment in your next launch?
  • A rock solid content strategy so that next time you launch you know exactly what you need to be posting and when?

Just some of the client wins include...

sally singleton testimonial

Who it’s for: For those looking for a launch strategist and partner

Duration: 8 Weeks

What’s included: 8x 2h coaching sessions, recordings, resources & templates

Format: 1:1

Investment: £1,600 

(Optional) BONUS OFFERS:

  • Design Bundle – additional £400 (to include custom branded graphics for your launch campaign)
  • Email Bundle – additional £650 (to include landing page and 6 email sequences design and set up)


 COOKIE-CUTTER approaches do not work

Every business is different, your expertise and experience is different and your audience is different too. No matter how easy the 6 figure promising gurus seem to make it sound, there is no guarantee that the same tactics will work for you. 

Yes and no. We do follow a structure, to keep focused and to ensure you have a strong foundation and a blueprint to work from. I share with you a range of copy templates and resources so that you have a good idea of how to do something and never feel at a loss of what you should be doing next. 

No – but I walk you through how to do something and you then implement it in the way that feels-good for you, having my guidance through the launch process.

While you do not need a large audience, you do need an engaged one. Together, we work on the foundations for exactly this goal.

The earlier the better, but a minimum of 4 weeks before you plan to launch.

The Sustainable Launch Method has been designed specifically to take over the period of 8 weeks, which covers quite a bit of pre-launch, during-launch and post-launch activities, mentoring and support.

My Sustainable Launch Method offers so much more than just how many people enrol into your next cohort.

The results typically impacts your entire business, such as more streamlined communications, growing mailing list and a steady audience growth. Because every business I work with is different, I don’t guarantee a specific result. But what we do, is set goals and objectives at the very beginning and those are the ones we strive to achieve. 

The focus of the Sustainable Launch Method is to build a strong launch foundation organically first. So that you can grow and scale when you are ready and on your own terms.

What my clients find with ads is that the organic approach is a lot more manageable and ensures a more personalised approach to their launch.

It is helpful if you have a lead magnet already in place and have presence on at least one social media platform.

The beauty of the bespoke approach is that we look at the technologies you are already using and feel comfortable with and we streamline them while making them work harder for you.