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When you are launching a new service, a course or a programme – your business, your brand and all that your company stands for is put into hyper-drive. 

It is essentially an event in your business calendar. Yet so many fail to plan and most importantly miss the array of promotional opportunities available during this very immersive experience for your ideal audience.  

Peaks in attention and interest are often not followed through, resulting in a lack of bookings and enrolment. And don’t get me started on the follow up or the lack of it!

What you need is:
  • A clear plan of action that gets you out of the overwhelm and helps you get the results you want
  • A content plan to help you build your audience online (so you have more people to sell to).
  • A tried and tested method to ensure you launch with impact and ease 
Here is how you can work with Raimonda Richardson

Having a plan of action and getting the right words for your business is essential. Messages your ideal clients resonate with are paramount. And your website, blog, social media pages, email campaigns and even your email signature – all have a role to play and need to echo your values and your message.

Working with FORCE 4 EVENTS you will have the clarity and focus to launch your next course with confidence. 

Together we will work on the pre-, during- and post-launch activities and make sure that every single effort you make hits the goals you need. All the while helping to grow your audience and increase engagement from your content.

So are you ready to
  • Get more bums on seats?
  • Grow your audience?
  • Increase engagement from your content?

Sound interesting? Keep reading.


The Sustainable Launch Method

Who it’s for: For those looking for a launch strategist and partner

Duration: 8 Weeks

What’s included: 8 coaching sessions, recordings, resources & templates

You’re ready to launch your course. You know you’ve got a killer transformation that genuinely impacts people in a powerful way. 

Problem is, where do you start, what should you do first and how do you ensure your marketing efforts get noticed?

I get why it feels overwhelming right now. There are dozens of marketing ‘gurus’ telling you – you need to be in all places all at once, yet they forget – you are not a marketer!

Following their advice, you’d think you need an entire team to launch your course with a copywriter, a social media manager and a VA all at once! 

But all you ACTUALLY need is a steer in the right direction every step of the way.  

So if you’ve got the drive and your course is ready to go. Then I’ve got the vision, the skills and the know-how. 

Launch Strategy Sprint

This intensive offer is for you if you’re looking for an in-and-out injection of expertise and guidance to supercharge your course launch. 

You either got your course ready to launch or have just launched and were hoping for waaaay more sign ups.

Problem is, there’s so many moving parts to your launch – your message, your marketing activities, your audience size, your sales page – it can feel so overwhelming knowing exactly what didn’t work so well.

Launch Strategy Sprint is a 90 minute video call, followed with a bespoke launch plan that you can follow all on your own terms.  

Who it’s for: For those looking for a quick fix with clarity and focus for their current launch.

Duration: 90 minutes, plus bespoke launch plan

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Bespoke & Do it for you

bespoke services from force 4 events

If you are just starting out you may need more support with marketing than those who have an established presence.

This is specifically for those businesses wanting to set up strong foundations so that their subsequent marketing activity is bringing in the results that they need.
We can help with setting up and optimising your social media and Google my Business profiles (with on brand graphics & copy), outline a marketing strategy that is built around audience growth and lead generation and much more to support your start up business.

Course Launch S.O.S - Just £99

virtual event training

Have you created an amazing course and are ready to launch?
Yet you are questioning and procrastinating over everything…

  • Locating your audience
  • Deciding which channel to promote your course on
  • Working out what you should do first 
  • Your message needs polishing as it’s not hitting the mark 

Who it’s for: For those needing quickfire relevant and actionable advice.

Duration: 1h on Zoom

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