Launch Foundations Course

Fundamentals to launching without burnout (4 week LIVE course)

Do you have a course that is ready to see the light of day? 

You know your course is destined for greatness. It transforms lives and has HUGE potential. 

Yet you’ve been procrastinating and refraining from talking about it because of:

  • The crippling fear of appearing too salesy 
  • The overwhelm of all the different things you need to have in place before you launch 
  • The second-guessing of whether you should use Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram or all at once? 

Then the 𝙇𝙖𝙪𝙣𝙘𝙝 𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙠𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙁𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 – THAT STICK –  Is for YOU

In just 4 weeks you will go from losing the will about sharing your course with the world – to building the marketing foundations that feel good and easy.

4 weeks – you, me and your course!

It’s time to… READY – STEADY – LAUNCH

And tell your audience about your amazing course?

*Launch Foundations is now closed for 2023. Join the waiting list

Launching without burnout is about knowing your ideal client, building a targeted audience and nurturing them until they are ready to buy.

And you can do it in a way that feels good and without the overwhelm stress, self-doubt or icky sales. 

How would it feel to never have to wonder what content to create or whether it will get noticed by the right people?

Imagine being clear as day on who your programme or course helps the most. 

Knowing exactly what your audience are thinking and what keeps them up at night. 

Never have to stare at a blank screen again – thinking of your next post or burning hours in Canva. 

*Launch Foundations is now closed for 2023. Join the waiting list

How is this different to all of the promises out there?

Together, we will:
💥Nail your ideal client
💥Outline your transformation
💥Grow your audience
💥And get you set up to launch

And in deliverables speak:

✅ you will have an outline of the transformation of your course, so it is easy to create content and showcase its value

✅ you will be clear on who your ideal clients are and where to find them

✅ you will no longer be wondering if you need to be on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram

✅ you will become intentional about where you spend your time

✅ you will know exactly how to use each of the channels you will be focusing on, to make sure you make the most of the time you have to dedicate to your launch

Here is what past clients have said about my methods

Next cohort starts February 2024

Your audience deserves to learn from your wisdom and be inspired by you.

They just don't know it yet

Enter Launch Foundations if...

  • You don’t have a team of people to delegate to
  • You are trying to do it all yourself (think serving, admin, marketing & sales)
  • You are wondering (like all the time) whether what they are doing is right or how could it be done with more impact? 
  • You feel DIYing marketing has got you this far, but it’s time to step it up a gear
  • You want the freedom to launch YOUR way
  • You are fed up of trying to be everywhere all of the time and not see the results for all your efforts

The Content

Week 1

The course Blueprint: to outline the value, social proof and the transformation it delivers

Week 2

The audience: who are they how to find them and how to grow them!

Week 3

The channels: getting clear on which channels are the right ones for your course

Week 4 

The content: messaging, engagement and relatedness will be covered here!    

The Investment

A one off £650 payment

Or 4 payments of £165


Frequently Asked Questions


This course is delivered live, weekly over Zoom with group support and accountability for the duration.

The course runs across 4 weeks and you can dip in and out as you see fit during this period. 

Raimonda holds 2 hour mentoring sessions every week. All of the live mentoring is recorded, so you can watch it back at your leisure. 

Worksheets and templates are provided to help keep you focused. 

The support and accountability is also for the duration of the course with additional 2 weeks at the end. Giving you plenty of time get the support you need.

No more than 10 people can take the course at any one time. This is to ensure that each pupil receives the support and accountability they need.

You have access to a closed group on Voxer (walkie talkie app) where you can ask in the community any time. 

In addition to the group, Raimonda is also available for further support over DMs or email – should you need it.

The next cohort is scheduled to run in September 2023. 

Join the waiting list or jump right in if the doors are open.

You have the option to work with Raimonda 1:1 for a further 4 weeks, which will see you through the 2 weeks of pre-launch, 1 week for launch and 1 week post-launch. Raimonda only has 3 spots for 1:1 work at any one time, which is offered on first-come first-served basis.

OR you can choose to launch by yourself without any further support. 

Either option is totally up to you. 

The investment is a one off payment of £650

There is also an option to pay in 4 instalments of £165/month

About Me

Hi, I’m Raimonda (best known as Rai)

A launch strategist, planner and events geek 

I’ve been ‘in’ marketing of events for 14 years and I’ve been helping businesses unveil new products and services organically, through unique and memorable launches. 

Having always worked in the educational events arena, I know exactly how powerful value-led transformations are. That’s why I focus so much on feel-good communications and value-led marketing with my clients.

Launching through an event, be it a workshop, conference or webinar gives your audience the chance to meet you and learn from you. 

The more I helped my clients pull memorable workshops and make the most of the launch events in their business the clearer it became that I could create real transformation for course creators who love to teach and mentor, but don’t enjoy the marketing side of things.

Showing they can launch in a way that feels good and whether they are a team of one or 5, they can create the launch foundations that support their business today and enable them to scale sustainably to the next level tomorrow. 

Ready - Steady - Launch

This is just what I need!

Because of the intensive nature of this LIVE course, I only take a handful of clients at a time. This is to ensure that each pupil receives the support and accountability they need.

The course runs 3 times per year February / June / October

Join the waiting list and be the first to know when the doors open for Launch Foundations.