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Welcome to FORCE4 Events. We are a marketing agency, specialising in event promotion and communications to help you succeed with your next B2B event. Fill the room with your ideal clients and get regular repeat revenue.

It goes without saying that events are one of the most powerful business development methods, yet by no means are they a low value promotional activity. Investment is needed at every turn and usually what you put into it shows.

Events give your business the opportunity (the stage and the perfect setting) to meet and network with your ideal clients, whether to encourage loyalty or to build new partnerships. But just having the stage does not necessarily mean that you or your business will be ready for the performance on the day.

Just like a great performance, there are many aspects to running successful events. With so much ridding on the planning and pre-event communications (the rehearsals), visual aids (the props) and marketing collateral (the programme), as well as, the follow up strategy (the memories), your role as the director is to ensure that adequate resources are allocated for every one of those sections.

However, organising and running events require resources that are often not available in-house. And without a clear event strategy in place, it is easy to misjudge the time needed within the planning, organisation and running stages of the event, leading to missed communication opportunities and resulting in empty seats on the day.


Hi I’m Raimonda Richardson, the driving force behind FORCE4 Events.

With a career spanning over 12 years in corporate event management, communications and promotions I’ve worked with companies of different sizes and budgets. 

My expertise in multi-media marketing and communications with a large focus on events means, that I offer a unique fusion of ideas, techniques and skills to each project I work on. 

I’ve called FORCE4 Events an agency because to run events successfully you need a team of people behind you. I therefore work closely with graphic designers, photographers, audio visual suppliers and merchandise specialists to deliver truly memorable events. 

Think of me as your Marketing Manager, Events Guru and Corporate Storyteller rolled into one!

"Rai has been immensely helpful to our charity... She took our 90 day goals and
translated them into a workable action plan for our Marketing Officer to implement. I would highly recommend her services to any business."

- FIONA JONES, UK Operations Manager for Creating Better Futures

get bums on seats for events

So if you are a driven business owner who wants their next event:

  • To have a strategy that supports your business objectives from beginning to end,
  • For every seat to be filled with their ideal client, carving out opportunities for business growth, and
  • For it to create not just a stage for the show, but the chance to really connect with your audience

BUT you are not sure where to start or have the resources in-house to achieve it all!

Then you have come to the right place.

At FORCE4 Events we know that events generate short spurts of intensive workload, which many businesses simply cannot absorb or have available in-house.

We also know that to get the job done right, you need to allocate the right resources. As the event specialists we have the expert skills, advice and can guide you on the dos and don’ts of corporate events. We also help you identify the most effective marketing tactics and ensure that all communication objectives are met.

No matter what stage of the event planning process you find yourself in, FORCE4 Events can provide much needed resources at the time you need them most.
If you are ready to take action and see how your business can grow through events, click the link below to book a free event strategy session.

Helping you make your next event BETTER.