As a course creator, mentor or coach, we put so much pressure on ourselves…

And that’s all before we’ve even launched our group programme. 

If you’ve ever launched anything, you know exactly how much energy it takes. 

You put your heart and soul into it every single time, so when you don’t get the results you want – it hurts. 

And when you don’t get the results you need, you start to question whether what you are doing actually works.

What if I told you there was another way… a way to sustainably launch without burning out?

That launching doesn’t have to be mega-stressful.  And you don’t need a massive audience to launch a course.

Launching can be stress and burnout free if you focus on your messaging, the transformation, and resonating with your audience.


Raimonda Richardson - Force 4 Events

Think of me as your Marketing Manager, Events Guru and Corporate Storyteller rolled into one!

Hi I’m Rai and I’ve been helping businesses unveil new products and services organically, through unique and memorable launches.

I have personally found the most effective way to launch is by holding a workshop at the end.  I see it as a sort of party, where you invite your customers to see more of the value you can share with them, so they can get first hand experience of you and a glimpse to your transformation and also get tangible results just from the short time they are with you.

I’m not suggesting you give all your content for free, but the most successful launches give people quick and tangible results, making It easier for people to trust you and the transformation you can provide.

If you are a badass trainer or course creator who would love to inspire more people with their programme or course and wants to create a sustainable path to launching without the burnout, book in a strategy call, to find out how we can work together.

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My core VALUES:

Collaboration | Nurture | Authentically Creative | Passion for Impact

Helping you grow your business through successful launches without the burnout.


Where to start marketing your course

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