How to get more attendees to my virtual events using Event Tech

Using the right technology not only helps you to improve audience engagement, but it also elevates the overall experience of the event.

And positive experiences sell, think testimonials and referrals. So by having the right technology you can be sure that you will make the most of your virtual event and improve the reach and impact of future events at the same time. 

In this vlog I interview Ben Butt and Rob Hargreaves from London Web Streaming and we focus on the virtual event technology.

They answer the most common questions on what technology is best for your home studio, the ‘visual’ difference between each price point and how to set this up most effectively.

During the interview, Ben discusses some best use tips to make the most of Zoom and he kindly provided a checklist for anyone not familiar with Zoom.

CLICK HERE for the Zoom set up guide

About London Web Streaming

Ben & Rob have a combined 21 years’ experience in the live video production and live streaming business.

Before lockdown Ben and Rob were running a smooth, hassle-free & professional live streaming services to clients with budgets ranging from £2,000 to £100,000+

They have the expertise, equipment and knowledge in the most up to date camera and audio technology they have been able to adapt to the current environment. Whether that is a small single person event looking to deliver to a mass audience and make their studio environment look and sound professional or a multi speaker event set-up looking to produce a 3 day speaker event online.   

Ben has years of working with clients of a non-techie background, he finds bringing simplicity to every scenario is essential to overcoming fears around technology.  

Rob is a master of technology.  It is his passion through and through.  His enthusiasm is contagious and transparent.  He loves to research and test equipment and then impart his knowledge to those who want to know.  His experience is evident through his ability to translate anything from the most basic technology and the most complex technology into doing the brilliant jobs they are built to do.

Both together they have the knowledge, experience, expertise and confidence in being able to deliver live and virtual events.

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