How to get more attendees to my virtual event using video

There is no doubt that in the world we now find ourselves in, video is more important than ever to help market your virtual events. It will help you to be seen, and to stay visible.

Video content is vital

People are far more likely to look at a video than read through reams of text. The social media platforms love video as a result: it keeps people on their platform, and depending on its length and success, it will keep them there longer. So the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook etc will prioritise video over other types of post. Just look at the many statistics surrounding video marketing. According to HubSpot social media posts with video have 48% more views, and if you have a video in your emails, the open rates go up by 300%.

Benefits of using video

It is not just the statistical benefits of being seen by potential attendees. There is also the opportunity to warm up those contacts, and develop better relationships with your target audiences through video. They will get to know, like and trust you  – with the ultimate aim of getting them to sign up.

Types of videos to use

In your videos, it is important to deliver value. Avoid the hard sell from the start, and nurture that relationship. Create videos with content that is useful to them. As a general rule, create four content videos to one ‘selling’ video.     

Content ideas:

    • Testimonials – ask previous attendees to film themselves talking about how they benefited from a past event, who they met, and what they learnt. Testimonials are really powerful, as you are hearing directly from the client.
    • Industry news – has something just happened in the industry that you could share with your potential clients via video?
    • Educate – is there a subject you can teach your potential attendees about? If they learn from you, they will trust you more.
  • Meet the team – introduce different members of the team, what they do, a bit about their background and how they help their customers.

  • One more week to go! – countdown to the final day, telling people what has been happening, who is attending, conveying the excitement, and how there are very few tickets left.

  • Repurpose content – use content that has performed well as posts, and change them into videos. And repurpose existing footage into new videos with a new focus.
Marketing Videos:

    • Promotional Video – ideally, you will already have a fantastic event video, which sums up the day. Even if it was filmed during the lockdown, use it to showcase the event, alluding to the fact that you will be back to real life events soon.

    • Pain Points – a Piece to Camera addressing the attendees’ pain points. These videos start with a hook, a question about their pain point – to draw the audience in. Limit one video to one pain point.

  • It goes without saying that these videos need to be done well. A bad video can do more harm than good, so do ensure good framing, audio, light and edit, and get those attendees signing up.

    About Holden Media Productions and Marissa

    Marissa founded and runs Holden Media Productions – a video production company in Berkshire, which creates carefully crafted and focussed business videos.

    Using her fourteen years experience as a broadcast, online and print journalist for the likes of the BBC and Sky News, she knows how to hone down key messages to ensure clients’ videos interest, engage and convert leads.

    The Holden Media Production style is warm, calm and intuitive, teasing out great content and expertise from the most reluctant of interviewees.

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