Getting back to launching after a break

We are often asked whether you can really get back to launching after a break. 

After all, especially in September – there are many different feelings to contend with. 

You may feel ‘daunted’ by the fact it’s the final quarter of the year and you are not where you thought you’d be with your business. 

You may feel ‘behind’ because you took your foot off the pedal in August.

You may feel ‘excited’ about the fresh start – since my school years, September has always felt like a new year – including purchasing the obligatory new pen & pad… (is it just me?) 

Whatever you are feeling, you are not alone. 

Here are my practical tips to help you get back to your launch and pick it up where you left off.


This is just as important for business owners as it is for children

Getting back into the routine after a break is the quickest way for your mind and body to adjust from chill out mode. 

For me, it means having a morning routine that gets me energised and excited for the day ahead. During August, when there is less time pressure, I tend to put my alarms on silent and wake up more leisurely. But when schools are back, so is my 6am alarm as I love to do a little exercise or journal before the preparations for school commence.   


Assessing where you are is key to know your next steps

Look through your activities before taking the break and assess where in the launch process you are. 

Is it clear what has already been done, what you made a start on and what is yet to be started? 

Outline all of the tasks that are yet to be completed and prioritise them. 


It's easier to get to your destination when you know how you will get there

Unless you have done this before taking a break and you have a clear plan to follow, this may take a little longer to do. 

However, even if you encounter resistance to planning (because it’s too difficult to know where to even begin with it) – it is a worthwhile task. It is sure to save you time and stress further down the line. Trust me!

So you know that long list of things on your to do list?

Now is the time to prioritise them in order of importance to your launch and your business. 

Think about your top 3 goals for the remainder of the year and nail the top 3 tasks that will get you closer to those goals. Then select which of the tasks from your to do list will be an added bonus when completed.

And if you are anything like me, adding a deadline always helps with extra encouragement. 


Nothing speaks louder than taking action

This is when the real shifts in your business happen.

However be careful not to try and do it all. As much as it might be tempting to hit the ground running from day one, take each day slowly and don’t over do it.

Giving yourself the first week to get back into the swing of things will allow for plenty of time to reflect and adjust to the back into it mode. But without completely undoing all the benefits of your time off.

Ready to plan a launch that's burnout and stress free?

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